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WM 6 PDA Phone or WM 5 PDA Phone

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I am currently using O2 XDA II Mini and now it has come the end of it's life. I have heard so much about the new Windows Mobile 6 OS and was wondering if anyone can advice me on which phone should I buy next based on Windows Mobile 6 OS.

I do not want a device with a larger size than O2 XDA II Mini but gotta have few things. I also don't want a device with standard number pad. I am happy with touch screen number pad.

* Bluetooth 2.0

* Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g

* Good Screen Resolution with higher colour capability

* If it's got FM Radio then super but don't count the phone out just bcos it hasn't got FM

* Don't care much about the camera but if its there then fine

* GPS (Something which just needs the service to be activated but no need to buy a seperate receiver)

* Good amount of Internal Memory and way of having more memory by the means of an external card

* Must not look like a brick

* Last but not the least, I should be able to get it in Australia

I have seen one which seems pretty cool. Xda Atom Life ((Quanta Apollo) (but its got WM 5.0) but the rest of the features it has makes me wonder away from WM 6.0 (e.g. 1 GB internal ROM). I have also heard you can upgrade it to WM 6.0..!

Please advice.

Cheers :)

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