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2GB Ultra II SD Card Help

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I don't know if this is the forum for this (me being a newbie) but here goes.

I have a 2GB Ultra II SD Card that is about a month old.

It's been working fine in my PDA (Hp Ipaq 5000 something) for a while but yesterday it sort of broke.

I was transferring a .avi to the card, via my pc's built in card reader, and everything was going well.

Until i ejected it and put it in my PDA.

It said it had to be formatted.

I pressed OK.

But when i tryed to use it again, it said it only had 127MB of space on it.

I tryied formatting it on my PC and Pocket PC but nothing worked.

I'm not bothered about the files on it, but just getting my space back.

Please Help!

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