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mda compact III t-mob bottom bar AAARGH!

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hi all, i have a t-mobile mda compact III and i have pocket breeze installed but i have that horrible sidebar all because of the bottom bar the one with web and walk logo and sim card and battery meter on it.

now how do i get rid of it, i have been through the setting and cant find it anywhere please help!!


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There has been a thread on this before.....


I'm still experimenting with the entries but thus far I've been unable to add anything that's on the Storage Card as a new entry. I've successfully replaced the Explorer icon with Resco Explorer.

But that's it so far. I'll see if renaming the TrayAP.exe works to disable it.

EDIT: Rename the TrayAP.exe to TrayAP2.exe disabled it.

I can't remember excatly but I think you have to use AS to rename it...

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