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Am I being too picky?

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I've had several PDA's over the years, the last one being an Orange SPV M500, which I sold a while back when I went onto contract with t-mobile. I missing having a PDA around and will shortly start a new job which involves a lot of travelling and time away from home. I want get a new device which covers a number of needs, but don't seem to be able to find just what I'm looking for.

  • Phone
  • GPRS
  • Integrated GPS
  • Integrated Wi-fi
  • Work on t-mobile network
  • Decent screen to watch some video
  • Powerful enough processor to support multi-tasking

    Just so you know I have actually done some research. I've looked at a few devices but discounted them for various reasons:

    • HP HW6900 series - I don't like the 240x240 screen
    • Eten Glofiish X500 - issues with t-mobile GPRS
    • HTC P3300 - worried the processor won't be up to it

    Can anyone think of other devices which tick the boxes or am I doomed to fail in this quest?

    Your help is much appreciated.


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Have you looked at the P3600/Trinity?

Ticks all your boxes, apart from its not available on T-Mobile contract, so you would need to buy SIM free.

Has GPRS/3G, GPS, WLAN, 400MHz Samsung processor and QVGA screen.

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Thanks. At first glance it looks good, I'll check it out in more detail.

Has anyone used the HTC P3300? Is the processor underpowered or am I worrying over nothing?

Thanks, Phil.

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Thousands of people use the P3300!

Look in these (and other) forums under P3300, Artemis, Orbit, which are all the same basic device.

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Just to say I have purchased a new HTC P3600 and could not be happier. :)

The HTC website has the relevant software updates readily available. The ROM update worked and activated the GPS functionality. The network update correctly configured the GPRS and 3G settings for T-mobile without any issues.

Wi-fi connects to my home wireless network on demand and maintains a steady signal all round the house and into the garden, and on the best battery setting. I've even streamed media from my PC (video, audio, and photos) via Orb and this works like a charm (and it's free!).

I have a 2gb mini SD card on order and will be picking up a car mount kit shortly. The GPS works and I'm looking forward to loading the rest of the maps just as soon as my card arrives.

The device itself is very impressive, I'm amazed at how much has been packed into the unit and yet it still feels comfortable to hold, is not too heavy and looks professional in the black finish. The screen is bright and sharp, and the processor is plenty powerful, yet still gives a healthy battery life.

To top if off, I picked the device up on ebay for a bargain price.

Thanks for the recommendation. With all the technical specs (even on the HTC website) neglecting to include the GPS functionality, I would certainly have overlooked the P3600 and that would have been a great shame.

My message to anyone else looking for a multifunctional device is not to worry about being too picky. With useful research and some helpful advice from the good people in forums such as this :P you can find just what you want.

Thanks for your advice.


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