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Project qtek s110 to iphone

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Right lads,

i was playing with my old qtek s110 today and just realised how much missed the size of the machine,form factor and how fast it was(now on a p990i and mini-s)!

So i want to revive the old bird and give it a new lease of life!

So im thinking..Its simplicity and style matches the iphone so why not turn it into an iphone.

So my chums..What do i need;

1)a new homescreen or software that makes it easy to navigate the phone.Sbp mobile shell comes to mind!

2)new simplier contacts and messenging app

3)we have google maps app

4)whats the best web browser?Opera mini 4 seems not to be stable at the on ppc.

When is deepfish available?

5)best media player that likes acc and itunes?

6)best handwriting or data entry app?

Any comments a suggestions welcomed.

Ive stop using my mini-s for quite some time so im a bit behind with the times!

Kind regards


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