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Pimp my iPAQ hw6965!

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Hey everyone, I got an iPAQ hw6965 (w/GPS) and need some help pimping it.

All suggestions welcome!

I've already got googlemaps on it and got it working with the GPS (and it's AWESOME for a free app!!!), but I was more looking to make it NOT look like the default crappy blue that you get as standard (I hate standard color/layout schemes)

I've looked at the download section of this site, but I don't think Pocket PC Today Screens QVGA work on a 240x240 screen

for example, I really like "Space Feeling" (http://www.modaco.com/downloads.html&showfile=2074), but when I installed it, it looked all screwey and didn't work.

Please help, and feel free to suggest apps, skins, whatever! Lets get this thing PIMPED!


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