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I'm having problems with the connection for the power/usb on my phone. This started only 2 weeks after I got it and it was new out of the box! At first I only had to wiggle it to get it to start charging, then as time went on it got worse, and I now have elastics tied to the ends of the cables so I can wrap it around the length of the phone to keep it pushed in. It also has to be pulled towards the back of the phone and to the left for it to connect and start charging.

This happens with both my wall charger and my car charger. The PC cable doesn't work at all anymore. I know I can get a desktop charger but the problem is that I spend alot of time on the road and out where there is no power other than my car to recharge it...

Could this be broken connection on the board in the phone? Crappy soldering job maybe? I hope someone's fixed this somehow because sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to get it to start charging and STAY charging... and alot of the time it's charging when I go to sleep but during the night it loses contact and I wake up to a still dead phone...

Thanks in advance!


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the connector inside needs reflowing. you need a soldering iron with an extra fine tip. I'll post a picture tomorrow

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