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urgent help needed !!!

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I was upgrading my htc typhoon to wm5, upgrade started but in stopped with following error :

Format BINFS...

Format BINFS Completed. Continue to set BINFS type.

Set BINFS_TYPE success.

Before flashing new image , formatting old OS is completed!!

Start flashing new image!!!

[1]*Address 8C080000h Length 01B00000h checksum 9B6AFA31h Checksum error.

Error : DownloadImage return error (code = 0xFFFFFFFF

Now the phone is not booting up and stops at bootloader only.

even its not connecting to my pc so that is can reinstall old rom.

can anybody help me


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The WM5 update for Typhoon was unofficial so I sincerely doubt you will get much help here.

Your best off posting at ronswens site.


Sorry I cant be much help but TBH If you can get to the bootloader your fine as you just need to plug your phone into the PC whilst in bootloader and a ROM update util. Will recognise your phone :)

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