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New guy!!!!

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Hi folks,

New guy from Glasgow Scotland. Im a big techy geek and my contract is due for renewal on July 24th 2007, and as you can see by the topic description, smartphone or PDA. Im currently with Orange so the N95 and M3100 is available to me. I love both phones, but heard major reliability issues with the Nokia. And the M3100, I wanna delve into the Windows phone world, but Im an extremly heavy texter (2000+ a month isnt difficult) and the thought of having to slide a keyboard out and tilt a phone sideways to text seems very....errr.......'look at me!!'

As for all you Orange bashers out there, read the topic about 'why did you switch from orange', coz I have a dilema in that dept too :P :)

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Yeah me too, but it's hard to recommend anything

I'm using the Samsung SGH-I600 which has a QWERTY keyboard on the front, so no keyboard-sliding required. It's not unlike a Blackberry in form.

I've also tried a Vox, which has a sliding keyboard but in a phone form factor, but didn't get on with it (sluggish, heavy, nothing special).

Don't forget that you can always sell your Orange upgrade to pay for a decent handset - check eBay and see which of the phones Orange will give you goes for the most cash. You'll need about £250 for a modern SIM-free smartphone.

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