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FM Radio with A2DP bluetooth headphones

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I'm very soon going to get myself an XDA Orbit (planning negotiations with O2/CPW/T-Mobile to get a good deal!)

I'm almost certainly going to get a set of A2DP headphones to use with it, but the main thing I'd want to use it for (apart from calls), is the FM radio.

Now, I know that you need the wired headset plugged in to work as an aerial, and that you can still switch the sound to the speaker with the headset plugged in. BUT, can you listen to the radio via A2DP bluetooth? If you have the bt headphones paired, and select speaker, will it automatically route to the headphones?

If not, is there a workaround?

As a sidenote question, does anybody know if you use an adaptor and regular headphones (rather than the headset supplied), is the FM reception compromised?


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Well I've got an Orbit now, and a bluetooth headphone adaptor thingy.

So since nobody else could be bothered to try this out and let me know in advance, I will now answer my own question, in case anyone else is wondering the same thing in the future....

Basically, NO. As far as I can tell, there is no way to route the FM radio sound through the A2DP bluetooth headphones. You need to have the wired headset plugged in for the FM radio to work, and selecting the "speaker" option in the radio software sends the sound to the speaker, even if bt headphones are paired.

I would welcome anyone writing some software that addresses this shortcoming.

I haven't tried this in WM6 yet, which I'll try upgrading to soon, but I'm not expecting any difference.

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I would imagine that the headphone wire is used as an FM aerial, so the radio couldn't work without it.

That's right, but there should be no reason that the headset could not be connected (providing the aerial), but the sound diverted to bluetooth. It would just be a matter of writing the software to allow this.

Also, to answer my own other query: I have tried two different (3.5mm) headphone adaptors - one with an in-line mic and one 3-way headset/headphone/USB converter. Both of these were recognised by the radio app and allowed the radio to start, but annoyingly, they didn't allow the headphones to function properly as an aerial! So OK for a strong signal from an FM transmitter nearby, but no good for actual radio.

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