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Upgrade to WM5 difficulties

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Hi. This is my first posting here. I've done a bit of reading in the forum about my topic, but have yet to see my problem actually be asked.

Im trying to upgrade my stock i730 to WM5. Im trying to do so with a vista premium laptop.

I downloaded the official upgrade from verizon. I updated my Windows mobile connector to the latest version.

My phone and my computer can communicate fine. Ive installed a few Spb programs with no hassle.

When I try to install the WM5 upgrade it tells my that "my device is not qualified to recieve this update." in bright red lettering.

I waited on hold with my local store only to be told that they dont support my phone and to try a different store.

I waited on hold with Verizon themselves only to be told that they arent too sure why it didnt work and to call samsung...

I waited on hold with Samsung to be told that I should have my upgrade done for free at my local store.

I refuse to wait on hold and badword around with automated systems that have a button for everything in the world but a person.

I then went online again to browse through forums and read manuals. The only thing close to helping me was a Verizon manual

about my problem. (great I says to myself)

It said to make a shortcut of one of the files inside the install and add to the target \mode=emergency

This didnt work either.

If anyone could tell me if Vista cant do this upgrade, or if I'm missing a huge forum post explaining my situation step by step

I'd appreciate it. Thanks for reading this and for any replies.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I tried doing that step by step but got nowhere still

here is the error message from the install:

Application started

Image file is 'i730WM5.2.6V.ZB21.img'

Operating system has been qualified as Windows Vista

Current operating system is supported for upgrade

Current ActiveSync version is unsupported for upgrade

Found '41010' available megabytes on the disk

System disk contains enough free space

Your login has the necessary privleges on this computer to continue

The computer connected to this device has sufficient power or is connected to external power

Connected device is not qualified to perform the upgrade

I hate being beaten!

Open to other suggestions and help.


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