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Mysterious Stranger

M600 warranty repair via HTC

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Just wanted to let you all know about the good service I received for an m600 that I sent to HTC:

1: Could not get a signal ( not barred)

2: IMEI had 'corrupted' - split itself in half and re-arranged the pieces so started as zeros at the beginning and '35XXXX' halway thorugh.

3: Screen faded to white after an hour or so powered up

4: Got very hot during charging.

So they fitted a new main board for me. So far so so-so....

But being cheeky I also sent along with it a new m600 casing I'd bought here:


with a little note asking them if they wouldn't mind fitting it during re-assembly as the seller said it was a genuine item from HTC, and they did for no charge! :)

Saved me £30 or so of paying HTC to supply one.

Interestingly, the new board had a different IMEI but they printed a new label and assigned the phone the OLD seriel number. I didn't think they could do that!


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