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Sony Ericsson M600i - Email

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Hi there might be wrong place totaly to ask about this But im upgrading a handset to a SonyEricsson M600i {phone for Work}.

And i have 3 Email accounts that i run Via Outlook Express at home as well as a Work email account Via VPN.

Is there a client Type Email Manager for the SE M600i that runs near Blackberry or can one get Blackberry Client onto them ?

Im not wanting to use Push as that has wonr many battery's out very fast from what i have seen in the past Any information on this would be more than helpfull.

{Yes i choose this handset out of the range that was there as i have always had SE handsets there was an E650 SPV but i like to stick to what i know works for me.}

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Ok work have come back to me giving me 4 Options now SE M600i, Samsung i600 {Windows Mobile 5}, E650 SPV, ora Motorla V8 {O/S unknown but it saays it uses Windows Media player ??} Any info that would help me decide will be more than Welcome .... i dont need a posh/fancy camera just Email and HTML browser.

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