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Nub checking in

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So, I'm a new user, checking in. Like (I'm sure) a good amount of people here, I have a Windows Mobile Smartphone. Specifically, a T-Mobile Dash. Unlike other users, I'm syncing it with a Mac (Missing Sync) and am using it on AT&T's network. I figure, with a clash of intended uses (MS vs. Apple, T-Mo vs. AT&T) I'm bucking for a lightning bolt from some of the Tech Gods.

Anyway, at this point I'm just looking for a few good programs for the device. I've owned it for maybe two weeks now, and I've got a demo of Opera, Docs to Go, Google Maps, SmartIRC, Skype, and Fring. I'm still looking for a free AIM client, and still trying to get Shozu to work (damn thing doesn't want to activate). The firmware on-board has been upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.

I'm also trying to remove some of the branding. For example, I rather dislike the local T-Mobile portal that pops up with Pocket IE, but that's that. I'd like to ditch WinWAP altogether, and remap the T-Zones button to launch the explorer. Those are my two biggest complaints. Psychologically, I have no problem with replacing the stock firmware with another one (like an unbranded HTC S620 firmware), but given that I don't often have access to fully functional Windows machines, that might be difficult. Other than that, I'm not too squeamish about firmware hacking (I did it often with my PSP).

Anyway, when suggesting things, just remember: I'm on a Mac, so try to keep the EXEs to a minimum. I've got tools to rip apart self-extracting EXEs, but I haven't had success with any install wizzards or MSIs. And please try and lay off the Mac bashing, OK? I don't insult you because you run Windows.

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Greetz from a fellow Mac user ;)

With regards to uninstalling t-zones, you can just install it using the Remove Programs option on the phone IIRC. Remapping the keys will be a registry hack, but is possible.

Replacing the firmware with the S620 firmware will work if you CID unlock, but you'll need to fix the keyboard map. Might be an option tho?


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Hey there

I'm happy to help out with your ShoZu problems if you could let me know the error message when you try to activate? Thanks!



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