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Mrs Harris

Todget: Mobile Account Manager

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Hey all,

I've mentioned in another thread (hope you don't mind me posting here too) that I've written a Java application for managing your mobile account.

In the current version it allows you to check your balance and allowance information (for pay-as-you-go, flext and contract) and also has a nice wizard which allows you to top-up (prepay) only by voucher without having to phone up the annoying automated menu. Oh, currently it just works on T-Mobile UK sadly.

The application is free (no ads or anything) and can be downloaded frrom http://todget.com

The appl works by communicating with the network via SMS and at the time of writing the functions above are all free as well.

I'd love it if people could give it a go and let me know of anything they don't like about it.


Mrs H

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