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Sean B

Any chance of Ubiquio support for 503g

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Understanding the entire Ubiquio / Mobileplanet (or Expansys) relationship, is there any chance for getting official support for the 503g in the near future. I appreciate Paul's fixes, but I am shocked that Ubiquio would release a phone without a finished ROM.

The support forums for Ubiquio doesn't even have a centralized place for the 503g (and yes, I do see there are some posts under the "recent technical support threads and questions"

If it would work as advertised, this would be a PERFECT phone.

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I was wondering if you might help me. I have had NO luck with posting to Expansys' forum. I have tried to use my reset password several times, and even re-registered with another email account but without luck:

The questions I have are:

--When is the proposed ROM upgrade going to be released;

--Is there an upgraded Radio anywhere which will help with the dropping issue (switching between bands and dropping in the meantime, and taking 5 minutes to re-register with a network).

I have approximately six days to return (bought it from Negirelelectronic.com). If it is going to be more than for the "fixes" then I will return.

I'm extremely disappointed in Ubiquio as I have been a loyal Expansys customer for the past five years (even b/f they had a US presence).



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Unfortunately those are questions only Expansys / UBiQUiO can answer...



Here is the response I received from Martha regarding my woes. The short answer is a ROM is coming out on Friday, the bad part is that it will NOT include any fixes, but rather just a memory move (so you have 7MB more of space to load programs.

The response:

I'm sorry you are having these issues. I'm copying our eXpansys support

person, Yoni, so he can help me figure out this "dropping" issue.

Several of us here at eXpansys (UBiQUiO is owned by eXpansys) are using

them and have not had issues with dropped calls in the UK or US.

I can tell you that the next ROM update we'll release is going to be

Friday, but all that one will do is re-partition the ROM, clearing about

7MB for use on programs. Another ROM release will follow (no ETA yet)

fixing some bugs, but to be honest calls dropping is not one we'd had

many reports on yet. I will certainly pass this information on to the

engineers, but if you could tell me who your provider is and where you

experience the drops it may help, but I cannot give you an ETA as I'd

just now be reporting that issue.

There will be a radio upgrade in the future, to improve the radio and at

some point also to take it from 3.6Mbps to 7Mbps, but these are not yet

scheduled either.

If you have the opportunity to return the item and you are unhappy, we'd

rather have you do so now than keep something that may not make you

happy in the immediate term. We appreciate your loyalty and wish to help

you any way we can, but as with any new device, we may need some time to

fix the bugs people are experiencing because even though we test

thoroughly, sometimes something that is not a problem for us here (like

the call dropping) is a big problem in another area, like it is for you.

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