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Newbie Needs Help - Audio on MDA Compact III

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This is my first post here - so first of all, hello!

I have a brand new TMobile MDA Compact III. I am very happy with it however I do have one problem.

The headphones it came with are a bit naff so I decided to buy a Mini USB to 3.5mm convertor so I could use my own ones. I have the correct one for the Compact III but it does not mute the internal speaker and audio is only played back in mono.

A friend suggested a firmware upgrade but I am having trouble tracking one down - well, if I am being honest, I have never owned a pocketpc before and while I have done firmware updates to various devices in the past, I don't want to brick my new phone!

Does anyone have a solution to this? Or can anyone point me in the direction of an update?

My Device Information is as follows :

Device : TMobile MDA Compact III

Rom Version : WWE

Rom Date : 9/22/06

Radio Version : 02.49.90

Protocol Version :

ExtROM Version :

Thanks in advance for any help.

Cheers then.

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