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File Name: "Endless" Multiple homescreens

File Submitter: paholman

File Submitted: 13 Aug 2007

File Updated: 25 Sep 2007

File Category: QVGA Others

"Endless" QVGA by paholman


I created this homescreen as I like to change my backgrounds frequently without too much fuss, and not having to completely re-write the XML each time.

With this homescreen, the combinations are "endless". You can use your own backgrounds, or color schemes and keep the plugin layout.

Note: The "Windows" live search bar will not display unless Windows Live is installed on your device.

I've also included extra XML layouts for : Fizz Weather (need FizzWeather), Windows live (for those fortunate enough to have this), and a custom one should you wish to change the order of the plugins.

You will need to install the following plugins which are included in this pack:-

- SmartMonitor - Also available from

- CommCEntric - VIX users - use the version in this zip file

Installation instructions:

- Unzip to your PC into a temp folder

- Copy all 3 cab files to a folder on your device

- Open "Explorer" on the device, and install the following:-




I hope you like it

For more info on the combinations, refer to the "Endless" Homescreen topic to see other examples, download extra color schemes etc

For more information on the excellent CommCEntric, see

Disclaimer: This homescreen has been designed and tested on an SPV E650 (HTC VOX) and should work with any Windows Mobile 5 or 6 QVGA Smartphone.

I'm afraid I will not accept liability for any problems that arise from installing this homescreen on your device.

You install this homescreen at your own risk.

UPDATE 25/09/2007: Another CommCEntric plugin is now included in this zip file, which SHOULD fix the VOX screen rotation problem.

Alternatively, download it from here:

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