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New here - downloads for WM5/6

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Hi there,

I'm brand new to MoDaCo, and I was hoping for a bit of help. I have a Vodafone v1415 (equivalent of HTC S710 or Vox or probably other names too!). I'm most keen to find downloads of homescreens and other little applications that I can install on my phone. But a nearly all of the homescreen downloads don't seem to mention whether they're for WM5 or WM6, and those that do usually talk about WM5 (or smartphone 2003, etc). None of them seem to mention WM6.

I don't want to mess up my phone by trying to install something that won't work on WM6. Is there any way I can easily identify if the homescreens (and any other applications) will work on WM6?



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Welcome to the forum :)

There is so little difference between WM5 & 6 that I don't think I've heard of anything that isn't cross-compatible. Certainly not where this phone is concerned.

With homescreens / skins though the only thing to look out for is the switch between portrait and landscape. Unless the skinner has addressed this, the display will be a bit mangled when in landscape mode, though there's no danger of messing up the phone.

Have a look in our Downloads section (link above) and in the Smartphone Customisation section for some of our members' work. Your next best bet is Nectun.com

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