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How hard can it be to connect to a wireless network?

If you have - like me - a P3600, it can be rather tough.

I can get as far as "connecting" - but that's as far as I can get it - it will not connect.

After the best part of an hour on the phone to HTC in UK (from South Africa) we made absolutely no further progress.

Has anyone come across something similar?

Let there be an easy fix for this - these devices are not here (in SA) yet - so no support here.

I've tried all combinations of resets and combinations of "work" and "internet" I can think of - no joy!

I've yet to try and get onto "another" hot spot - as my previous PDA2 connects to my wireless network in a flash. Unless the newer device is not "backward" compatible with my wireless router?

Any advice (other than returning it to London) welcome.

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Which encryption are you using on your access point?

Does it show as connected in the connection status bubble?


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