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Qtek S200 G4 Original ROM Update PTG

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I have bought my device through an portuguese operator TMN, i've already unlocked SIM, but when i go to http://www.myqtek.com/europe/myqtek.aspx to register my device, i do insert my IMEI because it's a mandatory field i've got the message that the inserted IMEI it's wrong.

With that i can't update my device even with an original ROM.

It's important to me that the original ROM version is in Portuguese from Portugal.

Is there a site where i can download original ROMs?


RUU_Prophet_220734_2207114_024721_QtekPTG_Ship.exe or RUU_Prophet_220734_2207114_024721_QtekWWE_Ship.exe (is this World Wide Edition universal and has portuguese language too or only english?)

Something like that.

I have got 2 years warranty and i don't want to loose them by updating with a non-official ROM or even with a Official one but in English for example...

I've already been at http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index...me=HTC_Prophet but there isn't any Official or Contributed ROM PTG (Portuguese).

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