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Evening everyone,

Yes.... Another n00b has turned up after upgrading from a Nokia 6233 White to an Orange SPV M3100 (or as you all seem to call it. a HPC Hermes ????)

I have been reading on this site for several hours now just looking around and seeing what i can ask which i have not found out already. From what i have read you are all very knoledgable people and i hope you will be able to help me and vice versa at some point.

I work on Server 2003 and 2007 BETA as standard, so i have a working knoledge of MS Windows and The Frameworks... I am going to be doing my MVP and hopefully MCP shortly after, but when it comes to modding mobiles and using the damn things, i hope you can all help me :)

I have a question open at the minute in the HPC Hermes section about making an image of the rom i have on the handset before overwriting it, i hope someone will be able to assist me on that matter.

I will close for now but it is nice to find a close community which i did not know existed today!

Speak Soon

Sean Saunders.

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Hi Sean,

Firstly Hello and welcome,

The reason most of us call it the HTC Hermes is because HTC is the name of the manufacturer, Hermes is the codename used before the handset was released, by Orange as the SPV M3100, as the MDA Vario II by T-Mobile UK. HTC themselves sell the device as the HTC TyTN and there are many other variants from different carriers around the globe. If you look up the T-Mobile, Orange and HTC devices you will see that T-Mobile and Orange use different body designs to the HTC version, and also brand the ROM with different software and settings.

Having said that all devices are extremely similar, so for the purposes of forum discussion it's easier to simply use Hermes as a generic term for the device, rather that remember all the different carrier names for the same phone. To my knowledge all Windows Mobile forums use the same method.

Anyway enough waffle :) check out your other question, I've posted a link to another thread here on MoDaCo that may answer it....

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Thanks for the reply, i have answered the post with a question as well, but i am going to be reading the guide tonight when i am home from work...

It arrives tomorrow morning now, its going to be a big change from a nokia i tell ya!


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