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WM6 Update - Moving email and attachments to Storage Card

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WM6 Update - Moving email and attachments to Storage Card

In WM5 the key to use was found in:


Now in WM6 the key to edit is:


Create two new strings using a reg editor:

PropertyPath = \Storage Card\Inbox

AttachPath = \Storage Card\Inbox\Attachments

Reboot your device. Your device will now create a folder called 'Storage Card' and rename your physical storage card 'Storage Card2'

Use file manager to rename the new folder to 'Storage Card.bak'. It will appear that no change has occurred at this point. Reboot device.

Your Storage Card should return to normal. Please retain the extra 'Storage Card' folder.

You can now sync email and attachments to your storage card. I would advise taking these steps immediately after a hard reset.

Internet Explorer storage

To utilise storage card for Internet Explorer storage the keys remain the same as in WM5:

HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Shell Folders

Edit the three strings Cache, Cookies and History to:

\Storage Card\PIE

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