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New Help getting email on my HTC Excalibur

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Hi all,

I'm really new to this smartphone stuff. But i{ve using wifi interet with this one and most of the websites do work, but for some reason hotmail lets me log in but doesn't show any messages because it says my browser doesn't allow cookies....but it actually does! I've looked in tools several times and t does in fact allow cookies.

Does anyone have a clue what might be happening?

Also, I can't seem to see my inbox on outlook on the phone. I've sync it wth my PC where t does show, but in the phone I can only send emails, but not see the inbox.

Thanks in advance! ;) :wub:

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Not sure about the hotmail issue m8 but for the not viewing the inbox, when you goint oOutlook does it bring you into any folder? eg sent items?

If so, when there, go menu-->folders and switch to Inbox


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