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spve650 - help needed

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this is my first go on this site and i am new to these things, so hopefully all will make sense.

i have just upgraded to a spve650, my first of this type and like the phone. however, seem to be having a couple of problems.

how do i delete my history in the internet explorer?

i have managed to connect to my home network and the symbol comes up showing i am connected through wifi. however when i browse the net or try to retrieve an email it always goes through gprs. i have no deal with orange as yet as i wanted to see how much data i needed, but this is costing me money everytime i access it, and it is annoying.

i also tried to push my sky email account to the phone and this seems to have worked, but should i be able to then send an email on this account from the phone?

hope this makes sense


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Welcome to the forum ;)

1. When in Internet Explorer hit Menu, Tools, Options and select Memory. There you can delete Temporary Files, Cookies and History.

2. In Options, Connections do you have a tick against 'Automatically detect settings' ? Is 'The Internet' selected in the box below ?

3. I have not used push email but I would have thought this was possible if you have the account settings set up correctly.

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