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M700 GPS settings

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Having for 2 days trawled through various posts and websites etc I have tried to get my GPS to work with orange sat nav, tomtom 6.030 and visualGPSce with no avial and several conflicting settings...!

I have enabled the registry unhide change to get gps icon available in settings/gps

it is currently set to:-

program port = com5

hardware = com9 & Baud = 57600

Access = manage GPS automatically is ticked

some sites say baud should be 4800, 9600 or 57600???

some say com2 or GPD1 for program port yet all seem to agree for hardware com9 only with conflicting baud rates!!!

so my questions are what should these above settings be?

should tomtom (ver 6.030) be set to 'other nmea gps receiver' baud 57600 and gps 'in com9' or (with the settings above) 'com5'???

orange sat nav set to gps com port 'com9' or (with the settings above) 'com5' and nmea '9600'???

visualGPSce be set to port = com9:-drivers\builtin\gpschannel and baud = 57600 or com5:-system\currantcontrolset\???cant read rest???

please help!!!

step by step instructions would be most welcome...



oh device info if required:-

Op ver

rom ver

rom date 01/25/07

radio ver

protocol ver 32.53.7018.01H

unlocked using HTC Trinity SIM & CID Unlock . v1

then hardware reset

now using virgin sim

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Your problem is that you DO NOT have a GPS enabled Radio ROM ;)

Did you use a software SIM unlock- most of these revert the device to a very old radio ROM- in your case 1.16.00 is pretty much the earliest, when GPS hadn't been enabled due to the suspected conflict with 3G (which was subsequently dismissed or fixed)

Your 1st step is to download and install a current Radio ROM- is the most stable for Orange devices. Any Radio ROM ending in **.11 is GPS enabled, and this should be from onwards. There were a few prerelease Orange models with which didn't have GPS enabled.

With a proper GPS ROM, I'd suggest keeping the default settings of Program Port: GPD1, Hardware Port COM9, and Baud 57600.

The baud rate is largely irrelevant, as most apps will accept any baud rate. The actual data stream is well under 1000 baud anyway so you won't lose anything with a low setting. If you are still on WM5, then TomTom will need to have access to the hardware COM port.

You mention you have TTN 6.03- this has an 'Internal GPS Receiver' setting which will connect automatically. For the others, if you have set the Program port to GPD1, then all programs should be set to connect to COM9, and Windows Mobile will assign the signal accordingly.

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