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Connecting to IP CAMERA

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Hey all,

I have an IP CAMERA connected to my home network via my router box. I have it set up so I can access it from any computer. To view the camera on a desktop, I need either ACTIVE X, or JAVA.

Is there any possible way I can view my IP CAMERA through my MOTO Q?

I've tried View Commander - no dice. I've got Java script to run on my Q via an IBM emulator which I can execute JAD files - i.e. OPERA MINI... still, no luck. I've tried going through Core and Windows Media Player via URL...

ANY SUGGESTIONS, ideas - I'm all out!


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I have a camera I check with my q but the configuration is diffrent. I have a USB camera hooked to a desktop on site. The desktop has RealVNC on it. I access the desktop via PTOffice on the Q and view the camera via the desktop. Its round about but it gets me to where I need to go plus have access to the computer on site. ;)

Luckly this is not a Java or active x based answer so I remain nerdless LOL

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