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Gina Gershon Theme

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File Name: Gina Gershon Theme

File Submitter: gi4mmyz

File Submitted: 6 Sep 2007

File Category: QVGA People Female

This theme is designed for QVGA (176x220) resolution devices.

The platform is windows mobile 5

- To install the theme just execute the .CAB file

The theme's file will be installed in \Application Data\Home\GinaTheme

This theme includes background pictures for strartup, shutdown,

Error screen, information screem, menu start screen,...

The only background that is not possible to modify automatically

is the call in progress screen background. You can modify it

manually replacing the file \Windows\Call progress_SP.bmp with that

one supplied with the theme

(Attention!!! If you don't save the original file, you will be

able to restore it only with a hard-reset)

The better color of the gradient of the softkeybar and topbar, for

this theme, is black (IMHO), but the automatically chosen value

for BaseHue by wm5 is 137, that is (IMHO) too much light.

In order to permanently set the BaseHue value to 163 you can use

a small program (AutoBaseHue) that I have developed and that is

included in the theme. You can read more about AutoBaseHue in

the README file of it.

I hope you appreciate this theme ;)


[email protected]

Click here to download this file

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