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Contact Homescreen maker for facade

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File Name: Contact Homescreen maker for facade

File Submitter: rlee

File Submitted: 6 Sep 2007

File Updated: 2 Nov 2007

File Category: Smartphone Freeware

OK, here's the new version. This one will let you create a new theme or edit an existing one. You can also choose to add the iconBar or PhoneAlarm and you can change/resize wallpaper. This is still a beta version, so let me know if there are any bugs or features I should add ;)


I made a slight change to the code. seems the background facade image path was wrong. The Images are transparent .tga files, so you may need the newest version of facade - I will be working on a new version soon! Get Facade - http://www.sbsh.net/products/facade/index.php?page=summary


I got bored at work, so here is my latest creation :wub: This is an easy way to make a homescreen using facade. You can pick up to 10 contacts to put on your homescreen. Unfortunatly you will need Microsofts .NET framework to run it. Hope you like it!


Click here to download this file

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