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Very basic New User questions

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I am glad to find this site...I am new to the Smartphone scene and I have a couple of basic questions... (MPx220, Samsung Sync, & Samsung Blackjack)

1. What format does a MP3 need to be in to be played by a smartphone?

2. Will the content play through to a bluetooth headset? (Plantronics/Samsung)

3. Phone unlock / Application Unlock, what do they mean and how could it benefit a basic user (non-programmer)?

Sorry if, I was not supposed to ask multiple questions and if this is in the wrong format...new!!!

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What is A Smartphone?

Microsoft® Windows® Powered Smartphone opens a new chapter in mobile phone technology by combining the best of mobile voice and data communications with the best of personal information management software. Smartphone delivers a rich set of applications, highly integrated telephony functionality and an open development platform. Mobile phones built on the Smartphone platform offer both voice and text communication; and rich wireless data applications in one easy-to-use device as well as making it a truly personal and powerful mobile phone for both work and leisure.

Like the Pocket PC, Smartphone is based on Microsoft® Windows CE 3.0, a powerful real-time operating system for embedded systems. Smartphone is optimized to deliver the best possible voice and text messaging communication experience in a handset mobile phone that meets customers' expectations for cost, size, performance parameters, and aesthetic design. (Source www.microsoft.com)

What is this big 'G' on the top of the display?

The G indicated you are in an area which supports GPRS, the small G on Signal Strength Indicator means you are currently connected via GPRS. Press red hang-up key to disconnect.

How do I close an application?

In theory you shouldn't need to. Memory demanding applications (ie games) usually have 'Exit' option on them or unload from memory when you leave the game. Other applications reside in memory untill some other software demands the resources and Windows SmartPhone automatically unloads idle applications from memory. Alternatively there are Task Manager utilities availible that allow you to force applications to exit.

How do I format the memory card?

Simply insert the unformatted card into the phone, and it should ask if you want to format it. If the card is already formatted the option to format will not appear.

How do I get activesync to recognise my phone?

Install activesync 3.7 or 3.8 (bugs fixed) on your pc.

After installing connect your phone with the cradle.

A wizard pops up and asks for the device name you want to use.

Folow the instructions in the wizard.

And you're done.

Where can I get free applications and games?


or check out the MoDaCo Downloads section

Where can I buy games and applications?





What is 'Radio Off' or 'Aeroplane On'?

This simply turns off the 'phone' functions, so you can use the PDA features in hospitals,planes etc. (but check with the staff first!)

The Meaning of the light colour?

Green: Fully Charged, and receiving power.

Amber: Charging.

Flashing Green: Running off battery.

Flashing Red: Low Battery warning.

Red: VERY low battery.

Blue: Bluetooth is on

How do I remove the card?

Push the card in, and it will spring out, Do NOT try to pull it out!

Newer Smartphones hide the card under the battery

When setting the internet connection to automatic, the phone will not connect when off the cradle?

Go back into Data Connections - click.. "Menu", then "Edit Connections"

In "Dial-up Connections" change the "Orange CSD WAP" entry so it connects to "WAP Network".

In the "GPRS connections" change the "Orange WAP" entry so it connects to "WAP Network".

Do alarms sound if the phone is powered off?

Nope, the phone must be powered on for alarms to sound.

Can I make my alarm repeat itself?

Yes, but you will need an Aplication Unlocked phone with PHM Registry Editor installed.

Using registry editor go to:-


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