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QR Barcodes on my iPaq 514

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First time poster here.

I have been given a iPaq 514 Messenger to evaluate and we want to use it to read QR Barcodes. I have been onto the QuickMark site after following a Google search to this site. Unfortunatly, Quick Mark do not directly support the iPaq and it seems that none of the software for other 'Windows Mobile 6' devices listed work either.

Any of the the Quick Mark app will install happily, but either it will hang the device or the screen will not be formatted correctly and the cross-hairs / camera fail to work.

Has anybody else had any success with this device ??



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Never tried the app on an iPaq but I'll help you out with a bump. I'd recommend trying the different versions available for download on their site, one at a time. (obviously). There are a few different versions if you browse thru the different phones.

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Your best bit is actually probably to write to Quickmark.

I've done this before and they've always replied, and always with 'coming soon', which they've followed up with a link when ready!


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