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Orange M600 won't connect a laptop to Orange Internet

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I am trying to connect a laptop to Orange GPRS Internet by pairing it with an Orange M600 using Bluetooth.

I have been able to pair the devices fine and have told the laptop to use the Dial Up Networking that the M600 provides.

Unfortunately the laptop keeps asking for a dial up number and a username and password.

I have tried the number of Orange WAP from the M600's settings, and have also tried using orangeinternet as the dial up number, which the M600 seems to use when connecting to GPRS.

Whatever I try, the Bluetooth link connects fine but the M600 doesn't connect to GPRS. :wub:

If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated as I have no clue how to proceed and Orange don't seem to want to support this (even though I am going to be paying to use their GPRS service!!!) ;)

Thanks in advance,


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