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This hopefully cant be right?

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Hello People.

I am a total newbie when it comes to smartphones. I had a old sony ericcsson mc218 and a Sony Clie, but the windows mobile OS is new to me. I hope someone will take their time to answer me some basic questions:

1) Can it really be true that I cant choose in what order i want the icons to be shown? Currently I have 3 screens of programs, and I would like to put all the programs I actually use on the first screen so I dont have to scroll all the way to third screen of icons to access my mediaplayer. I know that I can choose to have a row of icons with the most used programs on top of the screen but the icons is big and chunky and not exactly eye-candy. I would prefer just to organise the icons as I want. Is that possible?

2) My startscreen shows all kinds of data including the next upcoming appointment. The problem is that it only shows one. Isnt it possible to choose how many upcoming appointments you want to have shown on the startscreen? I am using my calender as alarm aswell, and tbh its no surprise to me that I am getting up each morning. I much rather want a list of tasks later that day.

3) I copied some music to my device. At the very same CD some of the tunes sounds very strange. wobbly is not the correct term, but more like random noise in the songs. All the tunes are from the same CD and in exactly same format and bitrate. How come that some of them sounds like s***?

4) I downloaded a program, but the library just consist of some odd files plus one xml file. Anyone know how to install that?

5) What programs is essential for pimping up my device? Im mainly thinking about customization utillities and stuff.

Thank you in advance

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Can you let us know which device you are using, as it makes a difference to the answers you need. I'll assume you have a Toiuchscreen device!

When you say '3 screen of icons' are you referring to the Programs folder- if so it is always in alphabetical order. If you want some to appear earlier, you need to change the shortcut name- using a leading digit, or starting with 'A' etc

Calendar: Go to Start/Settings/Today and tap the Items tab. Find Calendar and tap it, then select Options from the links to the right. There is a checkbox for showing all items. Having said that, this is a weak point of the WM OS. Many people buy PockeBreeze, or SpB Diary to have more flexibility

The program with teh xml file? I think you have extracted too far down! The downloaded file should be a *.cab file (cabinet file containing the xml etc files) don't try and extract from the cab file, just copy it to the device and run it as it is using File Manager (locate the cab file, then just tap its entry)

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The Qtek 8500 is the StrTrk flip phone I think, which would make it a Smartphone rather than a PDA.

1. I generally sort most of my icons (except those I use very often) into sub-folders in \Windows\Start Menu (eg \Windows\Start Menu\Media\WM player)

2. For a really cool Homescreen (they're called Homescreens in Smartphones, and Today screens in PDAs for some reason) you could try Facade by SBSH. I'd also recommend Papyrus from the same people if you are a heavy user of your calendar.

3. The music issue might be because your machine was doing something else as well at the time you ripped/converted the music files. Dunno, not my area TBH

4. Neil sounds right - you just need to copy the CAB or HME file to your device and open it there (using the device)

5. I don't have one of those so I wouldn't recommend anything (although there are various generic tweaks you could use). Have a browse through the forum on your specific handset for more stuff: http://www.modaco.com/HTC-STRTRk-STRTrkMoDaC-f201.html

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