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Treo 700w Keyguard detection in c/c++

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My app is a full screen game. When the Treo enters suspend mode,

and the screen goes black it appears to suspend my app. When

the red power key is tapped it rsumes the app. Unfortunately, the

Keyguard window is sitting on top of my app. My app gets no WM_ACTIVATE

message so I've no chance to suspend my app and pull it out of full

screen mode so that the user can see the message (right now the message just

flashes very quickly and is basically unreadable. The same thing would happen if

I did not suspend the app when it loses focus to another window).

I've taken a look at the power notification architecture APIs like CeSetUserNotificationEx,

but they don't seem to serve my needs. Notification is through event triggering,

(which would mean I'd have to have a thread dedicated to just that trigger), or

it will run an app (not what I want either). I want a callback function or WM_ message

so I don't have to dedicate system resources to monitoring an uncommon event.

Isn't there a WM_ message or other way to get notification that the app is supending/resuming?

WM_HIBERNATE doesn't seem right from the description.

thanks for help...

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