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HTC Prophet dictionary help please..

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Could anyone tell me how to delete entries in the dictionary pls?

is there any way of deleting words which are in the dictionary? while i was trying out the keyboard initially i typed out some junk words like "deegfgfhagfst". now anytime i type the letter d, the dictionary prompts me this word. i want to be able to delete it. pls help !!

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you need to go into the phonepad options:

open a program that uses text input (eg. messaging)

tap on the phonepad icon (bottom centre on taskbar)

then tap on the little arrow next to the icon

select options from the drop down

on the "input method" tab, select "phone pad" from the drop down

then tap options

make sure the £enable pop-up menu for deleting user-defined words" is checked

then begin to type your word

select it from the list

and choose "delete this word"

alternatively, you can try a soft reset as this (annoyingly) clears all the words you have saved!

hope this helps, sorry for delay in reply!


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