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CoPilot on HTC Touch

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Hi - I currently have a UK T-Mobile SDA II running CoPilot 6.

I'm close to upgrading to the Touch - but will it run my CoPilot or will I need to buy new software?

I'm guessing that as the SDA II is Smartphone, it won't - but can someone please confirm this?

Many thanks


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You probably found this out, but if you haven't: The PPC and Smartphone versions of CoPilot are both on the DVD and the MicroSD card, you can either opt to install them from your PC or just copy the CAB files over and run them. After you install on the PC, the CAB files are all there as well, in the CoPilot directory.

Your serial number will work on both PPC and Smartphone versions, however, only 1 at a time. Prior to activating on your new device, you must first navigate to the lisencing screen and deactivate on your old device. It's covered in the documentation if you have additional questions.

I discovered this when I ditched my Shadow in favor of the Touch and wanted CoPilot on it...

Thanks. Is there an upgrade option, or is it buy from scratch?


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