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Hi guys,

Phone was submerged in water for approximately 1 second. After removing immediately removed battery and its been a few days since. No signs of water getting very deep (not in screen etc).

Inserted battery again and turned on phone and the phone is doing the following:

* Displaying the O2 Welcome screen (blue)

* Red writing (small) up the top saying "EBOOT6 Ver:UK_V3.4.0_XB_07071

* Red writing (under the O2 Welcome) saying "System is updating..."

* White horizontal bar across the bottom.

Has stayed like this for the last 10 minutes without changing... any ideas on what I should try?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

*** Just tried a hard reset (up joystick, ON) and it turned and saying do you want to reset... i entered yes and then it went to a white screen and nothing further happened...

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