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I had a dream.....

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Dear Ubiquio

From the first time i saw the Ubiquio smartphones, always try to get one. It was something like a dream....

After a lot of thought(Ubiquio made, 2 smartphones, 3 ultra mobile pc's)i decided to buy the new one 503G.

Too bad

I am a x user of qtek,htc, fujitsu/siemens & hp ppc/smartphones. I dont want to say about the 503G problems,

But the only i wish is Ubiquio give us a new rom (without problems) not only for us but Ubiquio Name too. This is the only i wait to do,

before i put the smartphone deep into ''recycle box''

Please if someone read it, give me an answer.....

P.S: Ubiquio do something Fast.........

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