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C500 Screen unclipped from circuit board

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I've have an SPV C500 since 2004 and love the phone. It's a bit chanked now but I've been persisting with it because I'm skint. The breen answer call button has been broken (stuck in) for years, again I've persisted until..

I went to the gym, had the phone in my back pocket and managed to crush the number 1 button which is now also stuck in. Thinking the phone had just crashed, I whipped out the battery only to find that when I rebooted the numbers 111111 were automatically being pressed when the insert lock was promted, therefore I couldn't get my phone working at all.

I decided to dismantle the phone using the guide to unstick the button which I found on the forums - http://www.digimission.com/?page_id=25

But....In dismantling I have managed to disconnect the screen ribbon thing from the circuit board. I've tried and tried and tried but I'm struggling...Does anyone know a good way of getting reconnected properly or shall I just throw the phone away?

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Noone knows.... :'(

i used to have one and I did the same got it back the following is from a post about the c550

The lcd is a bitch, it involves holding it at about a less than 45 degree angle, while using a long pokey implement to pull up the top edge of the tape covering the lcd connector , then use the implement to flick up the connector (bottom side the furthest away from you), all without holding it at too much of an angle, then u can just pull the lcd off.

Putting it back its even more of a bitch.

i seem to remember the c500 being quite similar but the connector in a different place? Basically, flip up the black bit on the board connector, and slide the lcd connector in, then flip it down to lock into position. It has to be really well positioned or you get a white screen.

from your pic on the other thread, looks like you were doing this with the LCD clipped into the front of the case. I'm sure it's easier to do with the LCD out on it's own....

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