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TyphoonNBFTools 0.3 SPL1010064 SPVServices no longer availeble??

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ill would try to update my spv c-500 to wm6

so i follow the guide on http://www.geocities.com/gggbitonti/typhoon.htm

they do point to the TyphoonNBFTools_0.3_SPL1010064_SPVServices.zip

the sad thing is the page is out of the air and i did google for it but every page does point at this site ;)

so mabe someone have the file for me? mabe true rapidshare or something??

thx in advance greetz Edwin

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No worries, as a newbie, we'll let you off. ;)

Enjoy Modaco!

ill do enjoy modaco and did find where i did look for but i now run into a fatal windows error on step one from the menual as mentoned above.. i have a simlock free orange spv c500 and i did read somewhere that there is a applock or something did sucessfully run htcunlock and did try again... still the same windows error....grrrrr annyone a idea to help me in the right direction?

already thanks!!!!

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