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Total Eclipse

Freezing when accessing memory card

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Hi Guys.

I know I'm late to the party, but I finally got around to updaring my MDA Vario to the updated WM5 ROM that T-Mobile issued ages ago.

I've got an unbranded 1GB MiniSD card installed, and and had no problems with it. However, since I've upgraded the OS, my Vario hangs occasionally when reading or writing to the card.

For example, I've got CSBWin installed (Dungeon Master program), and whenever I try to save my progress, it's fine if I'm running it from phone memory, but will hang if I copy the files to the storage card and run from there. The same fault occurs at random when launching other apps from the card too. All this worked fine on the old ROM.

Any suggestions? Is it worth trying a branded MiniSD card?


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