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I just bought a spv c550 (orange) of one year old.

the great disappointment is that there is somewere a bug: after charging full the phone is out of power after 10 minutes!! The phone is then dead!!. In some cases it is half a day it is dead.

I tried a new battery, de-charge, recharge.

I syncted to Orange for new release and that seems to be up to date. (4.2.3)

Is there anyone who has an idea what seems to be the problem? ;)

can I load a newer firmware?


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Welcome to the site ;)

Are you sure you do not have a faulty battery?

You should never try to run the battery flat and then recharge as it can damage the battery.

Depending on how you use the phone ie listen to a lot of music or play games or watch videos etc will dictate how long the battery will last.

Having bluetooth enabled all the time and if you are in an area where there is poor to low reception this can cause the phone to hunt for a signal which inturn uses a lot of power.

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