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GPS stops working

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Hi there all

After 6 years with PDAs, I've recently (and grudgingly) thrown away my O2 XDAIIi in favour of a Dopod 810 (Trinity). Basically I'm very happy with it, although it could do with some more memory.

My problem is this. I had/have an iBlue 747 Bluetooth GPS that I used to keep in my pocket, quietly logging my co-ordinates all day, every day.

Looking at the new "phone" I thought, "great, it's got an in-built GPS, so I can toss the iBlue device away". However any logging software I've used stops logging as soon as the phone goes into standby mode. It seems the GPS turns off when this happens, and wakes up when I turn it back on.

Does anyone know of a way to keep the GPS alive and logging continuously please?



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At present this can't be done ;)

The inbuilt GPS goes off when the device goes into standby to preserve the battery- GPS uses about 175mA of current on top of the quiescent 70mA of the device itself with a low screen brightness and 3G turned off, so the 1500mAH battery wouldn't last long with GPS on all the time, especially if 3G were on as well.

There is a method of turning the screen off, but keeping the device on, which does allow the GPS to stay 'alive' but unfortunately, the only way to turn the screen back on is with the power button, and pressing this seems to reset the GPS signal, causing any log file to restart.

Your best short term solution may be to have the old GPS Mouse connected for yuor continous logging- you can have the 2 GPS systems working at the same time, as they use different COM ports.

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