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farmer tinsel

SPV E650 (Orange) Problems

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I have had this handset for two days,and only just got a working one......few issues with Orange customer services!!

Anyhoo, i have the handset working and on network.

Just tried to install software and link to P.C via USB.......NEITHER WORK!!

Disc just crashes as soon as you put it in,tried every other possible option beyong autoplay.

Link via USB and phone/ storage device does not show up.....though it does charge handset.

tried connecting from handset....blah blah blah.....been at it for a couple of hours. been trawling the forums and i can see people having issues with software compatibility and a patch for orange brand removal, but nothing along the lines of the probs im having.

reluctant to contact orange as it has taken them 2 days to get me on the network.

P.C not the issue, bang up to date current XP home SP2

Im not the most patient of people and getting ready to fire this P.O.S out of the window as i have signed in for an 18 month contract.....like a lot of people have said, going on the reviews this phone looked good. <_<

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If you've read the forum... then you know that what you really should do is download Activesync 4.5 for free from Microsoft and installing it on your pc, then try connecting the device to your pc.

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