UK WM6 update now available

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thato    0

Hi.I live in South Africa and when i go to the preconfiguration screen using *#1546792*#

and type in the password *#81230*# there is no UK country.I only get South Africa,Algeria Tunisia and Morroco only and default meaning that when i choose the Uk download and try to upgrade and verify i get "incorrect version".It would work if i had UK as a country selection but dont have it.Any suggestions?

MY version is i600JCGE1

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Hey there,

Please check your messages. I've sent you a PM.


Hi DC I will appreciate you PM to since I got i600XXGC1, and I cant fint the firmware just trojan virus

I got a Telecom Italia unlocked phone, I went to the samsungmobile page where you have to introduce the PDA version and serial number, but I can not upgrade, because when run the phone update software a get "incorrect sotfware version" message!

To get access to the samsungmobile update is easy you just type i600XXGC1 and it works. I tried first i600AIGC1 and did not work.

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Shiveer    0

Hi I have a Samsung i600 bought in SA, how do I upgrade the OS to WM06? after spending 90mb downloading the file it tells me that software version is incorrect! data does not come cheap in SA, can someone give me some advice on how i can change my phone software ID to that of UK so that the software would work??

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