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SDA Music T-Mobile PROBLEM!!

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I wanted install WM5 on my phone, link beguile: http://ronswens.jconserv.net/index.php. And so install CID, or everything file beguile on bandy fit cert.cab phone. Then, I start up SPVServices and I take CID TOOLS ALPHA. Then, something writes SET such 111111 CID that it has managed . Then, I start up _ Patched RUU. It discovers phone. Everything OK. Strip of (thong of) progress (headway) shows on PC and phone and suddenly. It has been hinged (has been suspended) PC. Are included (are switched on) white background phone and red font write (0) Need an IU. I push in 0 and strips (thongs) appear 3 red on, it writes which (who) 1.00 Typhoon IPL and RUU. Then, green and 1.01.0109 then Typhoon SPL and blue it writes only Typhoon. As it writes for install phone to USB. It beguile SDA Music. About fast answer Please. It beguile from (with) hope not phone dead since there is bootloader.

THX of all clue!

Sorry, because my english is poor.

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