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My Orange SPV M5000 is reporting No GSM on the initial Orange boot screen, then No Service in Windows, if I switch to flight mode the phone will not switch back and then I have to to a soft reset to get it back. I have tried various orange contract and PAYG SIMS and have completed a cold reset on the device and still get the same result. Is this likley to be a hardware issue or a porblem with the ROM? I can still get a wireless connection to the local hotspot, just no GSM\GPRS

If it's a ROM issue would flashing to the latest version from Orange fix it?



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First step is to hard reset.

If that doesnt work, then try flashing a new radio rom (but make sure you read up on exactly how to do it safely) (XDA wiki for your device will provide the links to both the roms and the advice)

If that doesn't work, I would guess your radio is toast.

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