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Need Phone advice! Moto Q vs. Mogul vs. Touch(FLO)

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I currently have a Moto Q. i love its ability to customize the home/today screen. i am just learning to use XMLs. my homescreen currently is a modification of Gadgets Black Vista 2. it has smartmonitor, rjtime, facade, photodialer2 by V2R, Pocket Notepad, Resco Explorer, 4orangeh.dll (registered), Smarttweaker, ActiveMedia Player (V2R), Live Search, Regedit,Tgetfile, & WM5 RegSrvCe. soon to add Fizz weather. My issue is that the Mogul and Touch are awesome phones (plus both have WM6), but are either of them capable of being customized as the Q is? am i able to use some of the same apps and or better versions of them? i am kinda spoiled by the moto q. i don't want to lose any of my apps. is there anyone who can help me. it would totally be appreciated.

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