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Touch/WM6 Settings Advice

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I upgraded a while back to a Touch (MDA variety from T-Mobile). My previous device was a MDA Vario (HTC wizard) running WM5.

All in all quite happy with the touch. I wasn't expecting it to be a technical improvement over the Vario, but was "seduced" by the design & size. My main concern was text input on a touch only device after being used to QWERTY keyboard. However, the CooTek TouchPal SIP is a god send.

I have a couple of questions, however, that I assume are due to differences between WM5 & WM6.

On my Vario I was able to:

1) Set the clock to display as either 24 hour or 12 hour format.

2) Set the clock to auto adjust for daylight saving.

I have not been able to find settings for either of these on the Touch (WM6). Presumably I am just being a dunce? Surely these should be easily accessible options? Or do they really require a registry edit?

I would be grateful for any advice on how to go about changing these settings.

Secondly, I was a bit disappointed when the HTC Touch Dual reviews started appearing. Not because I preferred this model. On the contrary, I don't think the aesthetics of the Dual are a match for the original Touch. The skewed dimensions do it no justice. No, the disappointment was due to the TouchFlo enhancements that are obviously absent from the Touch. ON top of that, dealer obtained devices cannot be registered with the HTC eClub in order to download upgrades/plugins.

Anyhow, I have just downloaded the HTC Album app that should introduce TouchFlo to picture viewing. But confusion reigned when looking for the updated HTC Home plugin. These all seemed to be modified versions enhanced for specific other handsets. Has anyone installed an updated HTC Home? Was this a standard or modded version? Any recommendations would be gratefully received. Is it a worthwhile update? Or not worth the effort?

Lastly (you will be please to hear :( ), I like the integration of the HTC Audio Manager within the "cube", but I still find myself using WMPlayer. Why? Because the HTC AM will only order the songs by alphanumeric ordering by song title. It does not by default use the track number stored in the tags. And it does not appear to be a customisable option. Is there an updated version to fix this issue? Or is there a registry hack that might change this?

Many thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope I didn't bore you too much. ;)



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Time settings:

Start>Settings>System>Regional Settings>Time tab

It's not obvious as the drop-down only initially shows two options but you can scroll the box to show four. the options with 'tt' at the end are 12 hour formats

Auto DST settings are in Start>Settings>Phone>Timw Zones tab (obviously :( )

HTC Home & Audio Manager / WMP:

I haven't upgraded this, IIRC I did try to install a 6-tab version, but it didn't work. the missing tabs (except the profiles) are on the cube anyway. A good app to get is Touch settings, which will let you select any weather source you want, and fully customise the cube. I have set the music option on the cube to launch WMP as Audio manager isn't very good as you say, it also has a bad habit of using up too much memory which on the Touch is a bad thing ;)

P.S. I could never get on with TouchPal, search for the new Touch dual keyboards, the new PhonePad style one is awesome

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the reply. Well, changed the time format. That should've been obvious. Maybe it was on WM5? Perhaps I'll check on the Vario later.

With regards to the DST. I had already checked the "automatic change time zone & clock" option on the "Time Zones" tab of the phone settings, assuming that this meant DST. However, when the clocks changed a little while back, the time was not updated on my Touch. Looking at the text of the option again, I then thought maybe it meant that it'd change the time as you travel through different timezones. Presumably driven by the roaming network selected.

Again, maybe I should go and check the option selected on the Vario, as I know that the time did change on that.

Yeah, maybe I won't bother with the 6 tab Home, but the Touch Settings you suggest sounds good.

I know what you mean regarding WMP vs HTC Audio Mgr, but I do like the way that the player integrates into the cube. Perhaps there is a home screen pluging for WMP that would prove just as useful? Alternatively, anyway of changing those integrate buttons to control WMP?

I must say, from the screenshots I couldn't see what all the fuss was about regarding the new on screen keyboards. Again, maybe I'll try & find a demo on YouTube to see how it is to actually use. TouchPal does seem a bit bloated at 1.8Mb, but I find it an absolute breeze to use. And much better than the PocketCM Keyboard too.

If anyone else wants to add their 2p, I would most certainly be interested on the different views.



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