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My shadow arrives today!

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My #1 wish for a tweak: turn off the rotating function of the navigation wheel so that it can just be used as a d-pad.

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It normally works as both, and you'll find lots of accidental cursor moves occuring. It scrolls inconsistently and is slippery, so overall hard to control. The same wheel is also the d-pad. I'd rather it >just< be a d-pad. Have searched the registry with every way I can think of, no luck. I'm thinking either a new registry entry has to be created, or it's just not an option...

So can you normally use is as both, or does it only rotate?


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I hope you enjoy your Shadow. I just got mine today.

Initial reactions:

Hardware: The wheel is unresponsive and you have to spin slowly. Nothing like an iPod wheel. However, the device is very sleek and looks amazing.

Software: What can I say? It sucks. The icons look AWFUL. Pixelated beyond reason. It is 2007, icons should look sleek.

What kind of programs can I install on this guy? This is my first smartphone. I had an MDA before. Any differences (other than a non-touchscreen) I should know about?

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